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Written By: ©Watch Dog Entertainment®LLC  •  Tig City Artwork By Pierre Givens
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Tig City, USA

Tig City is known for its lucrative banks and newly developed e-commerce systems put in place by ©Hit Bit Technology®. It also has the top biotech scientists in the world that are constantly innovating. With the population of about 1 million, The City is a relatively new and is rapidly growing every year. The City also boasts about its advanced, accelerating weapons technology that supersedes the entire country. Like all cities, it possesses its low income and dangerous regions but in contrast with other cities it also has the lowest crime and murder rate in the USA. ©Hit Bit Technology® has contributed in many ways to the growth of this city. This high tech community will soon be the knowledge hub for weapons technology and biotech that will elevate the consciousness aspect of how technology is utilized.

Local Government
Tig City is not governed like a traditional city or state. The city is governed by five officials that are not elected, but businessmen and women with a substantial amount of monetary income and outstanding moral compasses (they are chosen by their net worth, morals, and decision-making skills).  This will  guarantee that the city stays financial and morally stable. The top five officials must always have a diverse ethnic, and gender representation. The leaders also have to bring a different aspect or point of view to the problems and situations that are presented to the Tig City community (they also are obligated to provide a monetary donation towards the city’s overall budget).  All the city commodities and assets are controlled and owned by these top five officials.

Autonomous Automobiles
The City is also one of the major developers of the safest autonomous automobiles in the nation. This is due to the state of the art technology developed from the local digital industrial institutions. (funded by ©Hit Bit Technology®). The type of automobile that is produced has the capability to switch from manual to an autonomous mode with a simple click of a button. The whole entire chassis of the automobiles are infused with tiny sensors (Hit Bit Chips) that basically operate as the vehicle’s brain. They are constructed with a certain type of alloy metal that acts like a hard rubber upon impact. The strong alloy infused in the cars and trucks reduces fatal injuries by 70%. The streets of TC have become the safest in the entire world; all based on the modern, advanced and rapidly produced technology ©Hit Bit Technology®.

Health Care
The life expectancy in Tig City is well over 30% longer than the national average. People tend to live longer and happier lives here in the city. It has the best health care facilities, clinics, hospitals, and hospices in the US. The health care that is provided from these areas are top notch due to the advanced technical health care system (created and funded by ©Hit Bit Technology®). The financial backing allows TC to have a groundbreaking, innovating technology and procedures that allows it’s citizens a quick diagnosis and cure for their specific disease or infection. Tig City also has given the public access to its hydraulic chambers that are designed for people who suffer from insomnia. The pure oxygen that has been filtered heated and cooled then pumped into a chamber where the patient is laying down. The pure oxidized oxygen aids extremely well in the sleeping process. This process takes the place of sleep medication that can become addictive. ©Hit Bit Technology® has invested funds into a more natural, holistic and innovative technology that forces the body to relax, rejuvenate then recuperate. This purified oxygen is also bottled and used in the medical industry for burn patients.

There is an ample amount of illegal and prescribed drug usage that has run rampant in the city. The average person in TC has some sort of substance abuse problem; whether it’s teenagers or soccer moms; people love to indulge in their “meds”. Like always, the pharmaceutical companies stand to profit a modest gain as well as tax kickbacks off of Tig City’s drug epidemic. The import and export of illegal street drugs are transferred mostly by boat, (TC is located on a coastline) mail service and airplanes. The rehabilitation systems are some of the best institutes in America. The facilities and workers gross more income than any rehabilitation workers in the world. The systems also provide and maintain health care for addicts throughout their lifetime. The workers are highly trained and are willing to make a life long commitment to their patients and their patient’s children. This incentive has become the major motivator with the involvement of the workers and residents of  Tig City in the healthcare field. Universal healthcare is also mandated as apart of Tig City’s health coverage.

Law enforcement
When citizens are apprehended with small amounts of drugs and for petty crimes, police usually give out fines or warnings. Judges will hand out small jail stints for larger amounts of drugs and felony crimes. There is one centrally located jail system downtown and the prison is on the outskirts of the town. Police officers salaries are between 75k and 100K. Police brutality has decreased in the city and so has fatal shooting incidents that involve the police. The officers are equipped with wearable Hit Bit Chips that are located in the inseams of their uniforms. The chips monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, and daily activities. Prisoners that are locked up for more than 2 years have a chance to obtain a degree by enrolling in different classes that have been funded by private institutions. The prisoners are guaranteed a job after time served. Murder is extremely rare in Tig City; with the exception of the contracted-out hits on people provided by the city’s main financial backer, ©Hit Bit Technology®).

Private investors regulate the banks at TC. E-commerce has been introduced to the city’s economy and is utilized by 25% of residents. Business and home loans are determined by the amount of income the person earns on a yearly basis. There is another banking system that was created and introduced to the city’s commerce, is the Direct Cash Cannabis Bank. This bank specifically caters towards business owners and individuals who are involved, taught or have profited from the cannabis industry in some form or fashion. The majority of the cash-only transactions have been generated from the distribution, sales, and harvesting of the cannabis plant. Direct Cash Cannabis Banks also provide loans exclusively to marijuana start-up businesses and A fixed-rate mortgage loan to dispensaries and growing facilities. Paper currency has been devalued in Tig City tremendously in the last couple of years. The cold hard cash is often associated with the cannabis culture, so most of the paper currency is utilized within this specific community.

If you are born in Tig City you automatically are granted an 800 credit score. If your credit score becomes tarnished in Tig City, you will not have another opportunity to restore it. The score will remain the same for the rest of your life (unless you have relationships with important officials in high places). Tig City sales tax is currently at 4.75%; one of the lowest in the nation. With lack of income and federal tax applied, Tigians can live basically a tax-exempt life by just remaining a resident.

Tig City School’s and academic programs go above and beyond any expectations of any scholastic institutions in the world. The main studies of the majority of the institutions and colleges are bio-engineering and digital industrial science. You can start your education by taking these (highly advanced) courses in high school. If you major in the courses in college for four years and graduate with a degree, you are promised a lucrative job with a six-figure salary.

The city’s central power supply consists of renewed and stored solar energy. The citizens have a choice between the two energy sources. There is an incentive in place by the city’s officials that states if all the residents keep their energy usage low, (collectively) they will receive a 6-month credit that is applied towards their yearly power bill. Paying a yearly bill encourages a tenant or owner to stay in their place of residence for a longer period of time.

All of the trash is taking to a nearby biodegradable landfill that recycles trash, waste and biohazardous products. The landfill converts them into 100% renewable energy. The garbage is collected from Tig City, transferred over to the landfill and placed into large containers that are above ground (the containers are above the ground to prevent land pollution). The containers also possess advanced technology created by ©Hit Bit Technology® to liquefy the garbage and waste. A genetically modified reproduced form of fossil fuel (created by ©Hit Bit Technology®) is added to the liquefied garbage which transforms the substance into an eco-friendly energy source that helps sustain Tig City’s power supply. A 100% renewable form of energy is cost efficient and allows the city to allocate the saved funds towards other important projects by the officials. ©Hit Bit Technology® has a patent on this process of creating renewable energy. The renewed energy can also be used as synthetic fuel. The synthetic fuel is processed then shipped to various places in Tig City; gas stations, airports, farms and any other places that use petroleum to generate energy. ©Hit Bit Technology® created its own self-sustaining echo system that has allowed Tig City to invest into its own refined resources to provide capital and sustainability to a city that in theory runs like a nation.

 Food Delivery Services
Tig City has the most technical food delivery service in the world. Its food delivery hub utilizes one of the most advanced app services, physical drivers, autonomous automobiles and drones for quick and prompt delivery of food and beverages to its customers. The user-friendly, encrypted free app is permanently embedded into Tig City’s internet and Wi-Fi companies services. Every resident in Tig City gets an ABTE (A Bit To Eat) app. for the sole purpose of getting whatever type of food or beverage delivered to them within 30 minutes at a low cost. By providing a free app to residents in TC, ©Hit Bit Technology® can acquire the necessary analytics and algorithms of everyone’s eating habits to improve it’s delivery services. Statics range from what people eat, how and what time the most food is consumed, the ratio of what type of meats are purchased, a vegans choice of vegetables and the kinds of food different ethnic groups prefer. All of this collected data is used to make this food delivery service, more accurate, prompt and more efficient. The delivery service business is very profitable one for ©Hit Bit Technology® considering the fact that TC is self-sustaining and produces its own meats, vegetables, fuel, autonomous automobiles, and recreational marijuana. All of these commodities and services by the city creates an extremely low overhead for the company. This causes ABTE Food Services stock to rise with a 35% increase in shares purchased quarterly on a yearly basis.

Cash Crops

On the outskirts of Tig City, there is thriving, rich, rural land that supports free-range livestock and farmland. These rural areas sustain TC with its own food supply. The livestock is fed bio-engineered grain that can be reproduced in a Tig  City’s laboratory. The crops once harvested can regenerate on their own so there is no need for farmers to reseed. Water for the crops and livestock is infused with a natural pesticide and antibodies that are harmless to humans and animals. Some of the crops that are grown and harvested are lettuce tomatoes, carrots, and corn; they are also used to create biofuel. All the farm equipment that is used is highly advanced and created by ®Hit Bit Technology®. Farmers are highly compensated (estimated $150,000 a year) so they keep Tig City’s farmland and livestock in excellent condition.

Next to TC’s farmland is a landscape that mimics the state of Colorado. All through this fresh, fruity smelling cash crop can’t be grown or harvested legally on the federal level, It’s definitely grown, harvested and utilized for medical and recreational purposes for this peaceful city’s consumption. Different strains of cannabis are grown indoors and outdoors, with natural and artificial elements including sunlight, temperature, water and growth enhancer. The Cannabis growth facility produces over 180 different strains of buds that have different THC and CBD levels. Also located on the premises are restaurants and bakeries that have infused the wacky tobacky into their ingredients.


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